FAQs regarding Arkansas PRSA Dues Payments
January 2015

Why does the Arkansas PRSA Chapter want to switch to having National PRSA collect its dues?

  • Arkansas is one of two chapters in the country that collects its own dues (the other one is Richmond, VA). The chapter Board has determined that taking this step will save the chapter time and money. Most people are comfortable with credit or debit card withdrawals, or, if their companies pay for their dues, paying by check. The dues will all go to PRSA National, which reimburses the chapter monthly.

How does the process of dues collection work now?

  • National collects dues from members already.  There is a tremendous amount of work done by the Chapter Treasurer to collect local dues, including:

    • Mailing quarterly invoices;

    • Picking up checks from a local PO Box;

    • Depositing the checks in a local bank account;

    • Creating deposit registers to align with chapter bookkeeper;

    • Updating/maintaining treasury logs;

    • Coordinating invoices and adjustments with chapter bookkeeper;

    • And, spending hours following up with chapter members who are sometimes three or more quarters late on paying dues.

  • The Chapter pays a bookkeeper to help with the invoices and provide monthly statements. Having National collect the chapter dues would reduce the fees we pay to our bookkeeper, with our local chapter realizing a cost savings of $600 per year in bookkeeping fees and additional savings in postage costs.

  • In addition, the Treasurer and our paid bookkeeper must reconcile the list of chapter members paying dues with the national lists. Those lists then have to be reconciled with our chapter Membership lists, involving a great deal of time on the part of our Membership Chair.

What are the advantages to having National collect the Arkansas Chapter dues?

  • If National PRSA collects both chapter and National dues, the National staff sends invoices and follows up with members who have not paid promptly. This reduces the amount of work we do at the Chapter level tremendously.

  • It will also be more convenient for chapter members. Instead of paying separately for National and Chapter dues, they can pay both at the same time. National will send a single invoice that lists both National and Chapter dues.

  • Members may also pay dues online at www.prsa.org/myprsa/mydues. They will need their username and password to access their account.

  • Our local chapter would save $600 per year in bookkeeping fees and additional savings in postage costs.

How can Arkansas Chapter members pay local and National dues in 2015?

  • There are three ways to pay for chapter and national dues:

    • They can pay by check in full for chapter and national dues and mail to National at:
      Attn: Member Services
      33 Maiden Lane, 11th Floor
      New York, NY 10038-5150

How does the National quarterly payment plan work?

  • When members join or renew online, they select an option to pay their dues in full or on a quarterly basis. If they select quarterly, their National, Chapter and/or Section dues will be divided into four equal payments that are billed at the start of each quarter. A $15 service fee will be added to the first installment to cover credit card processing fees (not applicable if paying annually).

  • Members must agree to the terms, provide a valid credit or debit card number and authorize PRSA to charge their card every quarter.

  • An email will be sent each quarter reminding members that their credit or debit card will be automatically billed for that month’s installment.

What if my renewal/anniversary date for National dues is not until the second, third or fourth quarter of 2015? How do I pay the right amount of Chapter dues for 2015?

  • The chapter will work with National PRSA to prorate your dues so that you pay the appropriate amount up until your National renewal/anniversary date. At that time, National will invoice you for both chapter and national dues, either quarterly or annually, whichever you choose.

Are there any disadvantages to moving dues collection to National PRSA?

  • Unfortunately, National cannot accept checks under the quarterly plan.

  • The $12 discount that the chapter has offered for members who paid their dues by January 31 will not be available. Since National will collect dues, dues are paid on anniversary date. They cannot discount for Chapter dues at the national level because members pay on anniversary cycle.

  • Also, Chapter cash flow will vary throughout year instead of mostly coming in during the first quarter.

For questions, contact Chapter Treasurer Adena White at adena.white@gmail.com.