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 Please contact Heather Haywood, APR, at if you have any questions.

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APR: Strength in Numbers 

Someone once said, "There's strength in numbers." It's certainly true when it comes to our chapter's commitment to accreditation: 31 of our 106 members are Accredited in Public Relations (APR). That's 25 percent of our chapter! If you've been considering accreditation, now's the time to move forward with your professional development. We want you to join us. Talk to us- we'll be happy to share our experiences and help guide/mentor you through the accreditation process. 

Amy Oliver Barnes, APR
Susan Blair, APR
Lisa Bondurant, APR
Carol Cassil, APR
Ben Combs, APR
Dan Daugherty, APR
Eileen E. Denne, APR
Natalie Ghidotti, APR
Becca Green, APR
Heide Harrell, APR
Heather Haywood, APR
Nikki Heck, APR
Melissa Hendricks, APR
Ginny Hensley, APR
Brandi Hinkle, MBA, APR
Joe Holmes, APR
Andrea Hooten, APR
Markham Howe, APR
Kelli Jacobi, APR
Stacey M. Jones, APR
Sarah Kinser, MA, APR
David H. Lewis, APR
Jim McCall, APR
Dan McFadden, APR
Alison Melson, APR
Robin Mizell, APR
Brandon D. Morris, APR+M
Kristen Nicholson, APR
Patrick O’Sullivan, APR, ABC
Denver Peacock, APR
Stella Prather, APR
Brenda Scisson, APR
Robert K. Sells, APR, Fellow PRSA
Stacy Sells, APR
Alexis Sims, APR
Kay Stebbins, APR
Jessica Szenher, APR
Bruce Trimble, APR
Daniel Wade, APR
Adena White, APR
Melissa Thomas Whitfield, APR

Fellow APRs: 

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We want to hear from our APRs- please share with us your story about why you sought your APR and what it means to you today. Post your responses to Arkansas chapter's Facebook page and we'll add your responses here as well! Click here:    

Invite a Peer to Earn Their APR

Earning the Accredited in Public Relations (APR) designation is a significant achievement for public relations  professionals. You know – you did it! Why not tell other qualified professionals about APR and encourage them  to get started on earning the credential. To participate, just think of people you know who would be good candidates for APR, then complete the form provided here: and send the e-mail!

We’re here to serve YOU and your career.

PRSA/Arkansas Chapter has an Accreditation Committee that serves in an advisory capacity to all members who want to become accredited. The committee organizes APR Readiness Review training and recruits RR panels, plus provides APR exam training sessions led by our chapter’s accredited practitioners. In addition, the Accreditation Committee acts as a liaison with national PRSA and members to ensure all processes are followed.

So if you’ve been thinking about getting your APR, but maybe you just didn’t know where to start, turn to your Accreditation Committee. We’re here to help you start your APR engines! Right now, our “APR Ready to Roll” plan is in full swing with the APR Class of 2012 prepping for the APR exam at the end of the year. Starting early 2013, we’ll be making arrangements for the APR Class of 2013, so please consider accreditation in your future.

Why APR? 

We’re glad you asked!  Accreditation in Public Relations: 

  • measures a public relations practitioner’s fundamental knowledge of communications theory and its application;
  • establishes advanced capabilities in research, strategic planning, implementation and evaluation; and
  • demonstrates a commitment to professional excellence and ethical conduct. 

Become an APR+M 

The new credentialing effort to provide public affairs and communication certification for military, contractor, and Department of Defense public communication professionals launched May 26, 2010. The Accreditation in Public Relations + Military Communication (APR+M) is an enhanced certification from the well-established APR. The mark will be awarded to candidates who master the Accredited In Public Relations (APR) KSAs plus joint public affairs relevant topics. 


  1. Apply:  Once you’ve completed three to five years experience in the practice or teaching of public relations, complete and submit your application to PRSA National. For your convenience, the application is (PDF file) is available here.
  2. Complete Readiness Review Questionnaire: After your APR application has been approved, you’ll be asked to complete the readiness review questionnaire which contains questions about your current role in public relations. To preview the Readiness Review Questionnaire, click here.
  3. Request Readiness Review:  Following approval of your readiness review questionnaire, you may request that your readiness review be scheduled by your chapter’s accreditation chairman.
  4. Participate in Readiness Review:  Under the guidance of your chapter’s APR chairman and two other accredited members, your portfolio will be reviewed and graded based upon the required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA’s). For a complete listing of the KSA’s, click here.
  5. Schedule Your Computer-Based Examination: If you successfully complete your readiness review, you will be advanced to schedule the computer-based examination.  To learn more about the examination, take part in an online demonstration of the exam here.
  6. Take the Computer-Based Examination: Once you’ve been advanced to take the computer-based examination, you may schedule your examination. In central Arkansas, the Prometric Test Center (site number 5212) is located at 1405 N. Pierce Street, Forest Heights Building, Suite 203, Little Rock, AR 72207 (501) 663-8341.

To learn more about becoming Accredited in Public Relations, visit the PRSA website here.

APR Resources

Become an APR

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Free On Demand Webinars: 

            Knowing Your Business is Good PR

            Getting Ready for the Readiness Review

Readiness Review – Questions

Readiness Review Candidate Questionnaire

Readiness Review Guide and Materials for APR Candidates

APR Study Guide


To learn more about the process, gather practical tips or request one-on-one coaching, contact PRSA Arkansas Chapter Accreditation Chairwoman Heather Haywood, APR, at Join us and you’ll be APR Ready to Roll!