Diamond and Crystal Awards

PRSA Arkansas Chapter presents two awards, selected by the Past Presidents Council, to celebrate individuals who demonstrate excellence in public relations. Nominations are due by July 1 each year. They are reviewed and recipients selected during a special meeting of the PRSA Arkansas Chapter’s PPC to be held immediately following the July chapter meeting. Download the form and send to Nikki Heck, APR nikkidheck@gmail.com by Friday, July 1, 2022.

In 2019, the chapter awarded its founder, Kearney Dietz, APR, with the inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award for significant contributions to the field of public relations.

Diamond Award
2019 Craig O’Neill
2017 Gretchen Hall
2016 Philip Mann
2013 Dr. Jonathan Bates
2012 Bob Hupp
2009 Robert Phelps
2007 Jimmy Moses
2006 Doyle Rogers*
2004 Jim Pickens*
2003 Dr. Charles Hathaway
2001 Richard Davies
2000 Mack McLarty
1998 Rett Tucker
1997 Senator David Pryor
1996 Townsend Wolfe*
1991 William H. Bowen*
1989 Louis Ramsay*


Crystal Award

The Crystal Award is an internal award presented to chapter member who has, in the opinion of the Past Presidents Council, made significant and continuous contributions to the field of public relations over the course of his or her career.

Crystal Award
2020 Denver Peacock, APR
2018 Alison M. Melson, APR
2016 Natalie Ghidotti, APR
2015 Bruce Trimble, APR
2013 Susan Blair, APR
2010 Dan McFadden, APR
2009 Amy Oliver Barnes, APR
2008 Markham Howe, APR
2006 Dan Daugherty, APR
2004 Kay Stebbins, APR
2003 Patrick O’Sullivan, APR, ABC
2002 Jim McCall, APR
2000 Jessica Szenher, APR
1999 Ted Hutchcroft, APR, Fellow
1998 Joe Holmes, APR
1997 Carol Corley, APR
1995 Bob Wimberley, APR*
1994 Brenda Scisson, APR
1993 Carol Cassil, APR
1992 Ben Combs, APR
1991 Craig Rains, APR
1987 Al Pollard, APR*
1986 Ramon Greenwood, APR*
1984 Ron Robinson, APR
1983 Bob Sells, APR*
1982 J. Sam Smith, APR*
1980 Pat Murphy, APR*
1979 Tom Steves, APR*
1978 Ken Parker, APR*


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