Past Presidents

Contact: Becca Green, APR

Chaired by the Chapter president from two years prior, the Past Presidents Council is composed of all chapter past presidents, who provide senior-level advice on the challenges of continued growth and prosperity of the Arkansas Chapter of PRSA. The council judges nominations and selects recipients for the Diamond Award (an external award to someone who has made significant contributions resulting in the enhancement of Arkansas' image), and annual Crystal Award (given to a chapter member for service to the community or profession of public relations).

Term in Office Name
2016 Becca Green, APR
2015 Brandi Hinkle, APR
2014 Eileen Denne, APR
2013 Heide Harrell, APR
2012 Lisa Van Hook, APR
2011 Stacey M. Jones, APR
2010 Bruce Trimble, APR
2009 Natalie Ghidotti, APR
2008 Mary Wagoner, APR, DEC
2007 Andrea Smalec, APR
2006 Tracy Stotts, APR
2005 Valerie Taylor, APR
2004 Dan McFadden, APR
2003 Amy Oliver Barnes, APR
2002 Alison Melson, APR
2001 Cindy Fribourgh, APR
2000 Jim McCall, APR
1999 Susan Blair, APR
1998 Joe Swaty, APR
1997 Brenda Scisson, APR
1996 Karen Mullikin, APR
1995 Joe Holmes, APR
1994 Kay Stebbins, APR
1993 Laura Newman, APR, DEC
1992 Dan Daugherty, APR
1991 Jessica Szenher, APR
1990 Chuck Jones, APR
1989 Carol Cassil, APR
1988 Patrick O'Sullivan, APR, ABC
1987 Becky Benton Howeth, APR
1986 Bob Sells, APR, DEC
1985 Ben Combs, APR
1984 Skip Kays, APR, DEC
1983 Ted Sniegocki, APR
1982 Jim Watts, APR
1981 Craig Rains, APR
1980 Dan McMillan, APR, DEC
1979 Bob Joblin, APR
1978 Ed Chesnutt, APR, DEC
1977 Mike Williamson, APR
1976 Ken Kaufman, APR, DEC
1975 Gene G. McCoy, APR Fellow, DEC
1974 Jerry Russell, APR, DEC
1973 Tom Steves, APR, DEC
1972 Walter Scales, APR, DEC
1971 J. Sam Smith, APR, DEC
1970 Mort Cox, APR, DEC
1969 Bob Wimberly, APR, DEC
1968 Bill Levitt, APR
1967 Pat Murphy, APR, DEC
1966 Ken Parker, APR, DEC
1965 Phil Black, APR, DEC
1964 Ramon Greenwood, APR
1964 Kearney Dietz, APR